Great Tool For Google Plus Lovers To Manage Their Circles Very Easily

The most important features of Google+ are the circles. Circloscope is the most powerful way to manage your Google+ Circles, and they count the circles in which you are included. This metric represents the number of persons who are following a user’s post on Google+. It is a free tool for helps you know about Google+. They provide you with extensive statistics on your performance and influence.Circloscope

[adsense]Main Features:

1- Search active or inactive Google+ users in your circles and followers.
2- Search people that don’t follow back and also most relevant people in your circles.
3- Search people that engage with your and other people’s latest posts.
4- Search people that engage with any post or web page.
5- Search most followed people in your circles and followers of other people.

If your profile isn’t already being tracked, then you can easily add the url of your Google+ profile and we will start tracking your circles.