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To convert the videos was not work so popular few years ago. But today everyone is required to video converter after the arrival of the different devices. Often we have needed to convert videos for screen size, such as a desktop to convert the video for a smartphone. Or we have to reduce their size for sharing videos, like WhatsApp does not support sharing video up to 20 MB, so we have to reduce the size of the video. It may also be that you have an old DVD or CD that you want to convert for viewing on your computer.HandBrake

All these factors must be present if you have a good video converter program. This is good news, that was the first version finally released the best video converter and open source video transcoder (HandBrake) in the development stages for the past 13 years. This program was still in beta version, despite being extremely excellent performance, and also the last thirteen years. The updates were consistent, but the final version was not classified. But now has finally released its first final version at the start of new year 2017.[adsense]HandBrake (2)

Discussion of conversion of videos, so the support of all leading formats are presented. There is excellent of audio and then there is the option to add subtitles. In addition, the most important thing is that this program is available free for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. But (available under the GPL) license, means to get the source code you can change yourself. There are no ads of any kind. If you want to get a professional and free video converter, you should choose “hand brakes video converter”. Beginners should read the producers about this program before using it. DOWNLOAD