Get Free – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software for Windows

Data recovery software is one of the most demanding software of the modern world. This is so because data recovery software provides you the liberty to get your lost data back. Data is very important for every company. Thus, it is important for the companies to ensure that their data is secure and if due to some reason they lose they are able to get it back quickly. EaseUS is one of the leading data recovery software available for the companies in the market.Get Free EaseUS Data Recovery Software There are two versions of this software, one of them is the free version and the other one is the paid one. In this article, we are going to talk about the free version of the software. We will be reviewing the features of this software and the reason why it is the best data recovery software available in the market.

Design and GUI:

People usually prefer to choose a software that has an interactive interface and it doesn’t require them to be a tech savvy. EaseUS is the only data recovery software that provides you an interactive interface. It has been designed by professionals that ensure that they have designed it perfectly for all kinds of users. With just a few clicks, you will be able to recover data that you have lost and that might cost you heavily.[adsense]

Main Features:

1. Deep and Quick Scan: There are several features available with EaseUS but the premium feature available is the scanning feature. There are two types of scanning available which are known as Deep and Quick scan. Quick scan is a scan that allows you to scan specific location within a quick succession of time. While deep scan allows you to scan the computer in detail and recover each and every file lost from your computer.
2. File Support: EaseUS is the leading Free data recovery software that provides a huge variety of file support. So, if you have lost files that are not commonly used then and you want to recover them quickly, then you need to opt for EaseUS data recovery software because the variety of file support available with issues cannot be matched with any other data recovery software.
3. User Control: EaseUS is the only software that provides you the control that you are looking for in a data recovery software. It will allow your company to recover files within quick succession.
4. Export scan results: It is important for companies to have a scan history so that they could keep a record of everything they are doing. EaseUS provides you the option of recording the scan history.


EaseUS is one of the best data recovery software available in the modern era. It provides you all the necessary options that allows companies to recover the data within a few seconds. It will help you find your lost data back soon. Also, you can try the free version the two test Pro version.