Free Download The New Edition of The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims 2014/2015

The latest release of the popular book “The Muslim 500” 2014/2015 is Released October on October 2014, and available for free download. This book is copyrighted by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre (MABDA). You can purchase a hard copy/print edition of just $20.00, plus shipping charges, and It is special two week offer only. You can also purchase high resolution PDF (300 dpi) in just $4.99. They send you full-colored edition, measures approximately 16cm x 24cm, printed on art-matte paper and has included 224 pages.The Muslim 500[adsense]

You Can order to purchase from below Address:

  • The Muslim 500
  • 20 Sa’ed Bino Road, Dabuq
  • PO BOX 950361
  • Amman 11195
  • Jordan
  • Official Website for free : Download