Send Unlimited And Instant File Transfer Free Anywhere Without Sign Up or Login


Send Anywhere is a popular mobile software, using this you you can easily send any files instantly from one device to another through internet, 3G-4G or WiFi connections. No need Sign Up or Login and recipient’s contact info. Send files directly and instantly across networks or local network using the p2p transferring path. Send Anywhere is a third generation fast performance transferring path between devices.send-anywhere- This service works with all platforms & connected devices Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows Desktop, Mac OS, Chrome App etc. When you want to send files select files to send desired device, after getting a 6-digit one-time key, simply go to the receiving device or give the key to the recipient. When you want receive file enter your 6-digit key and receive you transferring files, all you need is a 6-digit one time key to pair devices only in the first time.[adsense]send-anywhere (2)

Send any type of files, As large as you want, As many as you need. No limitations on transferring and it’s totally free, from . This service also works with mobile applications, which allows to send any files across mobile-to-PC or vice versa.