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EveryonePiano free ware is a virtual piano that will help novice musicians master the art of playing keyboard instruments. The program offers to use a virtual tool, which is controlled by the keyboard. It is possible to connect MIDI keyboards. The user can always expand the already considerable functionality through additional plugins.There will come a time when you have to level up your gear and that is when you will be learning how to record properly. With this, you will need proper hardware like Ableton Push 2 and many others. But of course, that subject merits a separate discussionEveryonePiano

The program creates a realistic piano sound with the ability to adjust the octave and tone of the sounds. Additional features include playing and recording your own works. Remember, if functions are not enough, you can always load plugins.

Users liked the recording option, which allows you to record your favorite work and save it in EOP format. The built-in player helps you listen to recorded tracks. Finished compositions can be edited if necessary. Beginners will certainly appreciate the numbered notes, as this nuance will help to study the musical staff. Almost all the settings can be adjusted for you. Everyone Piano will also offer automatic accompaniment, synchronization, rhythmic accompaniment, as well as a list of tunes to hone your piano playing skills.[adsense]

Key features of the program:

• Comfortable interface and many features;
• A simple tool for learning or improving keyboard playing;
• Personification of settings and an increase in quantity due to plugins;
• Record and save lost songs;
• Listening and editing received tracks.