How to Integrate SEO into the Translation Process for your Website

Integrate SEO (2)

If you plan to translate your website or have already turned to professional experts in the field of localization, it is high time to think about the SEO rules. While SEO is often a part of an average localization specialist’s work, it is not always correct to rely on such assistance alone. A reason for that is the complex nature of SEO keywords strategy, which is so much more than just a correct translation or adaptation of your website’s content. It is a good approach to adjust existing keywords, yet modern UK SEO Agency practices also include monitoring of various marketing strategies.Integrate SEO (2)

Integrating SEO into a Multilanguage Website

Any website translation process is localization, which means that all the content must be not only translated but also tailored to the target market and the culture of the country. It becomes even more difficult because each user group and even specific regions of the same country often use unique search queries or SEO keywords. It is important to remember that while some keywords may generate many visitors to your site, it does not automatically mean that the sales will increase. The key is a clever integration of best SEO Company NYC practices when a website is still being translated.

  • Connect keyword phrases with your product or an intent. Even if you have a list of the most popular local keywords that lead to a logical success, take your time to study the ways how the keywords can be logically connected to your products or goal of the website. Research the most popular user search requests related to your business and monitor the markets even with a free tool like Google Ads Planner. It will help you to plan and analyze the basic information as you start with SEO integration.
  • Mind the socio-cultural aspect of the target audience. Correct SEO strategy is also a psychological aspect, which means that a developer or a company must focus on the cultural peculiarities of the target audience. It is a reason why most large businesses approach certified localization specialists. You can check these online translation companies to learn more about the reasons why only an expert can adjust your business needs to grammatically-correct phrases. Balancing them with the right keywords is a formula of success because it will help search engines to scan the webpage correctly. Moreover, it is a guarantee of high-quality localization that considers cultural traditions and slang expressions.
  • Avoid overstuffing the keywords across the website. The worst mistake that can be made when integrating SEO into the translation process is using too many keywords and not paying due attention to how it sounds. Some developers think that using every possible keyword leads to an increase in incoming traffic. Even though it increases the bandwidth and brings better positions in search results, it also leads to obvious risks of getting filtered by Google search algorithms as a questionable source. It is especially relevant for the German language where most of the keywords represent several words in minor variations.
  • Combine social media presence with the site’s content. Even when the website has been properly localized and checked for grammar mistakes and wordiness, it is far not everything in terms of SEO work. Since it is a flexible process that does not represent anything constant, remember about combining the website with social media networks. Add short blog posts, exchange links between similar websites, use various campaigns, and make your web presence seen by using freshly-obtained keywords. Such an approach will help you to stay up-to-date even when the most popular queries change.

[adsense]The most important aspect of successful SEO is remembering that your audience is human first of all, and that search engines come second. Make your text readable and avoid using all the keywords in the first fifty words because it is not a search engine’s website description but an introduction for your audience that must be inspired!

The Fast Access Matters

Integrate SEO (1)Remove any plugins or widgets that slow down your website. Even if you want to look modern, talk to your developers and designers to keep your content accurate. There are many ways to use call-to-action tools, which does not mean that there should be several windows that pop up or special boxes that cover the text. Analyze the amount of time that a bot takes to read through your index page, then make appropriate adjustments if any are necessary. A fast website is a guarantee that the person visiting the site won’t close the page down.


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