Four Key Strategies for Better Sales Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

You’ve used a range of great marketing strategies, organized successful campaigns and completed everything else possible to fill your sales pipeline with maximum potential deals – but what’s next? Are your deals converting, or are you just finding yourself right back at square one more times than you would care to mention? A sales pipeline isn’t just a key place to collect opportunities, but a crucial key to gaining a better understanding of the pattern and trends in the sales process. In order to increase conversions, it’s important to manage your sales pipeline effectively. We’ve put together some top tips to help you achieve that.

#1. Contact Syncing:

If your team is like most sales teams, Google Contacts is the best place to store new prospects and any other important customer data. However, this also needs to be showing up in your customer relationship management system in order to effectively keep track of deals and maximize conversions. It may be worth considering upgrading your CRM to one that allows for easy syncing of Google Contacts, such as Pipedrive. Not only will this make it easier to keep track of new prospects, but you’ll also save valuable time that you would normally be spending entering data into the system manually. You can learn more about the Pipedrive Google Contacts sync at PieSync.

#2. Target the Right Prospects:

Bear in mind that no matter what tools you are using or how amazing the campaigns you’re running are, you won’t be hitting your goals if you are targeting the wrong prospects. Sure, there may be a few who you can turn into a conversion, but nowhere near the level of numbers that you could expect to see if your marketing efforts were in front of the right audience. Finding the right target audience isn’t something that’s done and then forgotten about when your business launches – regular reflection on historical sales data and keeping your eye on competitors can help you determine whether you’re still targeting the right crowd. And, monitor channels to determine which are getting you the best deals and the most leads.[adsense]

#3. Collect More Information:

When it comes to moving a deal through the various stages of the sales pipeline, it’s always easier to do this when you have a better idea of what the prospect is looking for. Contact information alone is a start, but it won’t help you let that potential customer know that you can provide what they are looking for and eventually close a deal. Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, gathering as much information as you can about their needs, requirements, expectations, budget and more gives you the upper hand when it comes to getting the deal done.

#4. Focus on Each Deal:

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your pipeline is well organized so that you can focus on each deal and ensure that no opportunities are ignored. Organization will ensure that your deals can be nurtured and converted quickly, and gives you the opportunity to spot any that may be more likely to close, so that you can handle them sooner.
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