Four Easy Methods to Identify the Pure and Impure Honey

Honey will work to enhance the sweetness of your meals, but it is extremely useful in terms of health. Maybe you do not know, but honey is the best thing to keep healthy and shining skin. But several companies are selling honey in the market, making it difficult to differentiate between the original and adulterated honey. As you will know that honey is sticky, sweet liquid that bees can make from the nectar that bees hive through three stages during this liquid form. Identify the Pure and Impure HoneyBut a few simple steps you can buy easily distinguish the original honey.

The following methods to help identify the origin of honey.[adsense]

1- Crystallization test:

In the third phase to be honey contains an enzyme, which remove water from it, which is why the honey is stored that is thick at the bottom of the bottle, In simple terms, the honey is always thick , whether it be much longer, while impure honey is thin.

2- Learn the water:

A feature of pure honey is that it does not settle easily into the water, if you have a spoon, put honey in the glass of water (either hot or cold), they will be at the bottom and moving well after the Mix the water, while Impure honey resolved easily with water, so that they do not even have to lift a spoon.

3- Paper Test:

Take two pieces of paper and put them on two samples of honey and wait a moment, the pure honey will not damp paper due to lack of moisture, while the hole will not be able to mix honey is very it quickly.

4- Finger tests:

Take a small amount of honey and rub it with a finger and thumb, after a while you will see that it has been absorbed into your skin while they will not be stuck on the fingers, on the other hand adulteration of honey is often made from sugar, that it is touching is very sticky and sticks to hands.