Share Your Files Without Uploading Them Anywhere

Sharing files through the Internet is our daily routine, but file sharing requires you to upload your files somewhere. Such as shared file first upload on the Dropbox or Google Drive etc. It is also possible if you want to share files directly from your computer without uploading files anywhere. Here we are not talking about network sharing, but your shared files will be able to download any other available anywhere in the world. But for this you will need a program.OO-FileDirect

The program we are mentioning is named O & O FileDirect. This extremely powerful program is available free of charge at the following link: DOWNLOAD

How To Use O & O FileDirect:

☆ After its installation, you drag and drop any file for sharing in it, then it will be made downloading link immediately.OO-FileDirect 01

☆ Now you can give this link to anyone.[adsense]OO-FileDirect 03

☆ And they can download the file directly from your PC.OO-FileDirect 02

☆ While file sharing, you can place a password on it and set it limits how many days or how many times it is available to download.OO-FileDirect 04

In addition to going to the ‘Shared Files’ tab, you can also view and delete your shared files whenever you like.