Five Simple Steps to Hiring the Right Outsourcing Firm


Outsourcing is known to have several significant benefits to escalate large and small businesses. Having become a trend, it allows organizations to save costs and resources and focus on business strategies, reduce the time to market, and receive top-notch quality outsourced software testing.

No wonder, when it comes to in-house software development vs. outsourced programmers, most companies decide to hire an IT software outsourcing agency.

Outsourcing Software Development: Five Ways to Find Your Perfect Tech Match

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your outsourcing custom software development to be a blast, reports Elitex IT company in this article.

Set a Clear Goal

First of all, it is necessary to establish a transparent strategy, including tech and business requirements and your software development project’s financial nuances.

Define your project’s scope

It should include software requirements, developer’s specification. This technical document must be very detailed and describe the main technical expectations, and set clear deadlines. Consider the following characteristics when making a list of desired competencies of a dedicated software development services:

  • Domain and tech expertise 
  • Software engineer’s experience and portfolio
  • Recommendations, customer feedback, and reviews on Clutch and similar platforms

Research and list your candidates

Look for potential candidates online, ask for recommendations, use appropriate platforms, or utilise the services of a Software Outsourcing Company. You’ll likely find that in the long term, outsourcing to software development experts will become cheaper than hiring in house.

Contact your potential tech partners

There are a few essentials to pay attention to during the first contact with your candidates:

  • Communication. How fast they responded and in which manner, what is their English level.
  • Quality of code. Request to see the coding level, they should have a clear and bug-free code.  
  • PM. Companies should have a contact point, or a project manager, a person responsible for communication throughout the whole project.

A few legal aspects you should include in the contract of your outsourcing project:

  • Features your end-product should have
  • Estimated deadlines
  • Set milestones
  • Schedule of future payments
  • Guarantees of the quality of code
  • Maintenance support details
  • NDA
  • Intellectual property agreement
  • Contract termination clause. 

Hold an interview

This will be your decision-making process during which you should ask all the possible questions, assess candidates, agree upon technical and legal aspects, and finally hire an outsourcing company for your project that fits your requirements best.


As you see, you can’t find your perfect tech match in one day, as the hiring process involves quite a lot of preparation. Instead of taking on this additional responsibility, it may also be reasonable to find people who would handle the hiring process for you. Or you could take your time, do sufficient prior research and analysis of potential candidates, and end up partnering with your best-fitting offshore software development company.