Everything you need to know about the best responsive web design agency

responsive web design agency

Many people are now accessing the internet using mobile devices, making it crucial to have a responsive site. The good news is that responsive websites can reduce bounce rates. Unfortunately, many users who have to wait for too long for your website to load or they can’t easily do some simple tasks on it can leave without converting.

This is the reason why you need to contact web design Stockport to have your website be responsive. This post explains everything you need to know about the best responsive web design agency.

A responsive web design

Responsive web design is increasingly becoming popular because there is a rise in smartphone usage as people want to access the internet. Also, with the regular use of tablets, such as the iPad, there was a need to have a technology that was capable of displaying website content rightly across all mobile devices.

In the past, mobile sites used to load once the device was recognized as a tablet or cell phone. But mobile sites had to be designed separately, leading to more time to develop them. Even worse, it was always hard to display the same type of content on desktop and mobile sites without having a big disconnect in design.

Mobile sites could also only load when the device sent a certain signal to the server. This increased the amount of time it had to take for someone to successfully access a website.

Unlike these mobile sites, there is now a responsive design which is the same version of a website that loads on tablets or smartphones. In other words, a responsive site needs a single design. Besides, there are specific rules in the HTML and CSS, that determine how the site should look. Also, you can adjust the way a site loads depending on the restrictions of the screen size and mobile device.

However, you just need to build one site and make sure that the site’s users see the same content and design. In this way, they can all have the same experience regardless of how they may be accessing the site. Responsive design has become an important element for businesses, especially those that have an online presence. You can Onlineshop erstellen lassen in responsive design with the help of professional web designers.

Why you should get responsive design

As you are now aware, responsive design is very crucial because it allows you to cut back on the developments you need to make. If you’re managing a mobile site and desktop site, it means you are managing two separate sites.

Therefore, if you want to make some changes to one site, you also need to make the same changes on the other site. When it comes to responsive sites, you just need to make one change or update to show the right content on both sites.

Responsive designs are also necessary because many people are choosing to use the internet, make purchases, and research their mobile devices. Therefore, if you have a responsive design that allows a user to quickly and easily access your site from their mobile device, they will likely stay longer on your site. However, if the site takes longer to load, your visitor can leave right away.