Endpoint Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Endpoint Security Solutions1

Endpoint security is the process of safeguarding the entry or endpoints of end-user gadgets from being misused by malicious campaigns or individuals. These gadgets can be laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.
Endpoint security systems safeguard endpoints in the cloud or on a network from cybersecurity risks. There have been transformations in endpoint security systems from ordinary antivirus software to offering extensive protection from complex malware and emerging zero-day risks.Endpoint Security Solutions1

All Organizations are Vulnerable

Any organization, whether big or small is vulnerable to organized crime, hacktivists, and accidental and malicious risks. Endpoint security is perceived as cybersecurity’s battlefield and is one of the first areas where organizations strive to safeguard enterprise networks.
As an entrepreneur, you can opt to hire professionals to help you find out which antivirus is best for your company. As cybersecurity threats become more complex, small businesses need robust endpoint security solutions to counter cyber-attacks.
Modern-day endpoint security systems are specially structured to detect, evaluate, block, and manage attacks as they occur. To accomplish this, they should collaborate with other security systems to ensure administrators can detect and respond to threats fast. Here are some of the endpoint security systems that are ideal for small businesses.

1- Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra

Bitdefender Gravity Zone is an all-inclusive endpoint security system that delivers threat response and security. It relies on machine learning to monitor the behavior and prevent attacks, which the developer says counters risks that ordinary anti-virus and endpoint technologies might miss. This system also increases endpoint control with web threat security and application, patch management, and device controls to help businesses manage endpoint gadgets.
Bitdefender can be conveyed via on-premises or the cloud. Some of the key features of the Bitdefender endpoint protection system include ease of management, threat analysis, and robust protection against threats. Bitdefender has a massive research and development team that keeps it abreast with emerging and new threats. Its endpoint suite is also handled from a single admin console.
Some Bitdefender customers opine that the system’s endpoint client is lightweight. Still, some customers claim that the system doesn’t come with the more progressive features that other endpoint security vendors offer. Bitdefender is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses.

2- Check Point

Check Point is one of the endpoint security system providers that has been in the market for many years. While it offers only one solution, it comes with an entire suite to combine and match for varying use cases. Check Point’s SandBlast Agent endpoint security system protects macOS and Windows gadgets.
SandBlast mobile, on the other hand, is designed to diagnose threats on gadgets running iOS and Android gadgets. These tools integrate highly effective artificial intelligence-based anti-bot and risk identification systems to counter attacks. The suite also comes with Sapsule Mobile Secure Workspace, which develops a VPN network in between smartphones.
One of the downsides of Check Point solution suite is that it’s just a suite. Users will need to install no less than one agent on their laptop or smartphone. Such an element can trigger deployment and maintenance problems. While the agent facilitates functionality, it restricts the applicability of results provided in terms of alternative operating systems.[adsense]

3- CrowdStrike Falcon

The Falcon endpoint security system is a cloud-based suite that features a responsive subscription model for different business applications and sizes. Falcon comes with an agent and a wide range of modular protection software tools for specific gadgets. Falson Insight is CrowdStrike’s endpoint response and detection module which offers continuous assessment and instant protection against violation. Other Crowdstrike tools such as the Incident Workbench facilitate enhanced post-event evaluation allowing you to edge out your risks efficiently.

4- Symantec Endpoint Security by Broadcom

The Symantec Endpoint protection system is designed to secure mobile and traditional endpoint gadgets. Just like the other security solutions we have discussed, Symantec is an intrusive agent that users have to install on their computers or smartphones. Remember, the operating system in the endpoint gadget must be compatible with the software agent to work effectively. The Symantec endpoint protection system can prevent leakage of data from some on-gadget attacks and evaluate already installed integrity applications.

5- Sophos

Sophos has been in the industry for a long time and enjoys a robust track record for delivering excellent endpoint solutions for smartphones and computers. Sophos Intercept X checks for malicious software and vulnerabilities on the endpoints of your business networks. It offers early detection enabling you to evaluate, monitor, and fix potential weak points fast. If you are looking for a system that comes with a response team that helps you manage attacks and threats in real-time then you will want to upgrade to Sophos MTR.


Endpoint security solutions secure your company gadgets from malicious applications and malware. They also monitor security alerts and incidents. Unlike the case in commercial anti-virus software, admins can control all gadgets and carry out assessment and remediation against cyber threats.