Easy Way to Protect Your Important Files From Ransomware Virus

Ransomware is an extremely common issue today. This is a type of virus that demands a loss. In fact, all the documents contained in this virus-related computer are encrypted and they require special keys to encrypt that hackers are present, so that their files can be returned to the original position. Hackers give up if they have to big pay. The  virus targeting the files in the PC, such as words or Excel, etc., is added to the virus  that the files have been rendering software.Ransomware Virus

These files do not match any programs other than hackers. Therefore avoiding downloading and opening Microsoft Word or Office Documents sent by an unknown person to be an Email attachment. Do not even open suspicious files sent by the known people. At present, computers around the globe are under renaissance. Hundreds of countries large companies and hospitals have been affected by Ransomware and their data has been lost.

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The way to avoid rendering software is to keep backup files important in your secure backup file. If you want to simplify this task, the leading security Company 360 has provided free of charge by developing a 360 Document Protector program.
Ransomware VirusThis awesome program encrypts all your document files such as all Microsoft office files and PDF files, etc. and keeps them back as backups.
Ransomware Virus (2)If the appendix is at risk of systemic use at any time, it immediately replaces your affected files with the actual files you have. This way you avoid a major loss. Regardless of this program, you do not even need to back up the files again.