Do You Shut Down Your Computer Every Day, Or Is It Constantly On?

Many people are confused about when they are not using the computer, turn it off or do they keep constantly on. The main thing remembers about that, the computer shuts down or keep them depending on your need. Several web sites are scared to tell you that if your PC will be off again, this may affect its performance. Or power supply may have problems etc.Your Computer on or off[adsense]Keep a few points in this regard.

1- If your computer is connected to a network, then it is better to leave your computer running. Because many administrators are upgrading the software at night, or backup files. But if you believe that it is not the case may be close.
2- Computer as the server is important for users, enabling them to keep it all the time. A computer file server, print server or web server is being used as, full-time workers and not stop it. If these two conditions are not better off after the job has finished.
3- A typical computer uses a 300 watt power. Our electricity rates that are keeping them can be said that every time you leave your computer runs throughout the year, so maybe you can just pay the bills, that will cost of computers.
4- Is said to be off again on the main board soldering joint is affected. Learn ensure that there is no such thing. The computer used for manufacturing all things are not so bad that it cannot tolerate temperatures slightly variable. Just think how many times the TV is off.
5- I am using my computer more than twelve years, and I am off my computer every day, and did not bother me.