The Best Alternative Operating system Of Microsoft Windows And Apple Macintosh

Fedora Linux is a good alternative of Microsoft Windows and Apple OS and is a very nice platform for computer programmers. It is a smart and stable base for Redhat, an enterprise Linux. You can use the Fedora operating system to replace or to run alongside of other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. Also It allows a wide range of different desktop environments like (GNOME, KDE, etc.) and has all of the latest software.Fedora Linux 20 Desktop Edition[adsense]Main Features are:

1- Latest Fedora 20 Desktop Edition is a totally free & open source software.
2- It has thousands of apps across 10,000+ packages, Fedora’s got an app for you.
3-No need antivirus and spyware hassles. Fedora is Linux-based and secure.
5- Compute in style with many open & beautiful wallpapers and themes.
6-It is the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a powerful enterprise OS.

Learn more and download Fedora operating system is 100% free of cost for you to enjoy and share