Delete Unnecessary Options from the Right-Click “New” Menu

Windows right-click “NEW” menu option is a great benefit for users. Through this you can create a new folder or desired program file, such as Notepad or Excel file, etc at any place. But with time, when you are installing more programs, they also add the option to create a new file in the ‘New’ menu. When you want to create a new folder and click the “NEW” option, you can face a problem because of the many options in this menu. Rather often hangs the computer.Right-Click New Menu

To resolve this problem you will have to use a small tool “ShellNew Settings”. This tool does not require any installation size is only 23KB. Just download and run on your compute. It will immediately recognize and appear as checklist, all new options in your right click. Now you do not need these options, click on the ‘refresh’ button down to check them out. You will see there are now only in new options you choose. Others unnecessary options will disappear, also right click option feel lightweight and open quickly.[adsense]shellNewSettings You can get this free portable tool from the following link: ShellNew Settings.