BT Group plc

BT Group plc is a global telecommunications company in United kingdom founded in 1846. They supply products through BT Global Services. BT Global Services is best and leading suppliers of networked IT services in UK .They provides managed networked IT services for business and government organizations.  BT Global Services helps multi-site organizations to master the complexity of business communication. It serves corporate and government customers worldwide and wholesale customers outside the UK. For more information and detail visit BT Global Services official website.BT-Group-plc[adsense]


Employer Type Direct Employer, networked IT services, communications and IT services
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Official Website
Technologies Telecommunications, Internet services, IT and network services
Certifications World Communications Awards (WCA)2011
Job Posts
Employees in 2011 110000
Addres BT Group plc,
BT Centre,
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ
United kingdom
Tel/Fax 020 7356 5000
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