Best Way to Hide Your Pictures & Videos on Android Without any App

Nomedia app

Is there any way in the Android device that can prevent images from appearing in the gallery, or in other words? Yes, there is such facility in the Android phone. Assume you do not want images that are received through WhatsApp in the gallery. For this you have to do that, a new but empty file in the WhatsApp folder will be named .nomedia.Nomedia app

Android is any of the files in the folder named “nomedia” that contains the file, audio, or video file that exists in the file. This file can be created through Android present in Android. This is a lot of time to work, so there are few applications that can be used to create this file.[adsense]The most famous Nomedia application is to be downloaded from the Play Store. Through this, the folder you want in this file can be hidden in the gallery for a few seconds. Nomedia
Remember that media files printed by nomedia are simply ignored, if files or the tablets are connected to computers or files are reviewed by a file manager, then all the media files are easily visible.