10 Useful Hidden Features of Microsoft Windows 10

Hidden Features of Microsoft Windows 10

There are functions to be used in Windows 10 that are more obvious and easy to find, other useful and very specific functions remain hidden in the system settings. Even those who are quite experienced could find surprises in this article of hidden features of Windows 10, especially because every time Microsoft has added them without too much publicity. These are less obvious, more hidden features of Windows 10 , sometimes to be activated manually, which make the Microsoft system more and more different from its predecessors and increasingly convincing.Hidden Features of Microsoft Windows 10

10 Useful Hidden Features:

1- Time-based screenshots

Microsoft added the delay function in the capture tool. Open the capture tool by looking it up in the Start menu and try pressing the Delay button to take a screenshot of the screen after 1 or 5 seconds.
In Windows 10 you can also make screenshots and save screen images in a special folder within Images directly by pressing the Windows and Stamp keys.

2- Connections by consumption and traffic limitation

Windows 10 allows you not to view the data consumed by you in the last 30 days and also to set a limit to the data traffic for a network set as a consumption connection, so as not to exceed the thresholds of subscription. To know how to do, refer to the guide on how to use the consumer connection in Windows 10, when and why .

3-Eye protection at night

If you work at night, the blue light emission of the screen can disturb and even disturb your sleep. The night light function of Windows 10 allows you to view warmer colors, tending to yellow, that tireless. This function can be activated in Settings> System> Screen , where it is also possible to have it activated automatically at sunset or at the scheduled time.

4- Screen recording during games

Windows 10 includes a function to record the game-play of video games on PC. When playing a game, if a video card is supported on the PC, a screen recording bar appears. We talked about this feature, much improved after the latest updates, in the guide to the Games Bar in Windows 10 to record the screen .[adsense]

5- Chronology of copy and paste

If you work by writing to the computer this is the most appreciated function. Before this function was added to Windows 10, if you copied and pasted a text twice, the second copy overwrote the previous one, so to paste the copied text first you had to find it again and press the Copy key again. If you can recall the notes, however, you can have a copy and paste history to use them at different times. To use it, just press the Windows-V keys together, as explained in the guide on how to use the clipboard history in Windows 10 with PC synchronization .

6- Native Touch-pad settings

If you use a portable PC, you can configure the behavior of the touch-pad within the settings of Windows 10 without having to use a specific manufacturer program. The options are found from the Start menu under Settings -> Devices . You can therefore also disable the touch-pad when a mouse is connected so as not to annoy the commands.

7- Better screen resizing

Windows 10 improves screen resizing them in Windows 8.1 and allows you to set an independent DPI level for each connected screen. This is convenient if you have a high-resolution device and other external low-resolution monitor, to give everyone the right sizing. Previously, all connected displays had the same DPI setting. These options are in Settings -> System -> Screen . To get more configuration, select the ” advanced screen settings ” and select ” advanced resizing of text and other elements ” and click on the blue ” Set a custom resizing level ” blue link in the old control panel.

8- Connection to the phone

In the settings of Windows 10 there is a section dedicated to the connection with the Telephone. The guide to connect the Windows 10 PC and the smartphone with “Continue on PC” (Android and iPhone) explains in detail all that can be done. Thanks to the app ” Your phone “, recently introduced in Windows 10, you can then read and send SMS from Windows 10 and even photos in the memory of the connected Android smartphone. With this Windows 10 Photo app you can quickly copy photos from smart phones to PCs via WiFi .

9- Discover the use of the disk

Go to the System section and then on Storage, press on a disk to explore how it is used by the files inside and to graphically discover which file types take up more space and which folders. In this same settings screen, you can also activate the Memory Sensor function to keep free disk space .

10- Windows 10 Notepad

It has been improved in Windows 10 with several more options, becoming much easier and productive in the work. Especially, it is possible to enlarge the text and display the row and column numbers.