Best Tips and Tricks to Make Your Mac Run Faster

Make Your Mac Run Faster_01

Are you facing a problem of a Mac that runs slower than it used to and cannot stand it anymore? Well, the good news is that you are not the only one who does not want to cope with a computer that runs slow and wants to fix this issue. Mac computers are known for high quality and long service time, but even the best technologies are destined to become slower and face some technical issues. Make Your Mac Run Faster_01

And it is a natural process – as the software and apps continue growing technology-wise, an older computer struggles to launch them as fast as you would like.

In a situation like this, there is more than one way to fix a problem of a slowly running Mac – some may seem obvious, and some are more complicated. And to help you with finding the solution, here are some tips.

Make Sure You Have a Good Antivirus

You probably heard more than once, that Mac is a really safe computer that can brag of being safer than many others. Nevertheless, you should strongly consider having a good quality, trustworthy antivirus for Mac that will protect your computer from unwanted guests.

Also, have in mind that if you decide not to have an antivirus, the CPU storage space that you will save by uninstalling the antivirus might cost you much more. As you know, virus attacks often end up removing valuable data and work, as well as exposing personal information.

Delete Apps You No Longer Use

Although deleting the antivirus on your Mac is not an option, it is still very likely that you have many apps you do not use as often or have not used it at all. These apps take up valuable space on your Mac.[adsense]

That can become a big problem because some apps tend to store extra files with data. This means that if your Mac is packed up with tons of apps, it is very likely that, for example, one day, you will be using an app that is important for your work, and you use it every day. But after saving your files, you might be surprised that they have not been saved at all – because your CPU is out of m

So to avoid this terrible issue, make sure you review the apps you have on your computer from time to time. There is no harm in downloading new apps every day and trying them out, but simply remember to delete the ones you no longer use or never even used before.

Have Enough Space on Your Mac

Having enough space on your computer is crucial, especially if it is a Mac. Macs are always trying to get you used to keeping your files in iCloud. Which is actually a big benefit because of two reasons. Firstly, you can easily access your files from anywhere where you have an internet connection. Secondly, you lose the habit of packing your computer with files that use its memory.

One of the solutions is to invest in a hard-drive. They are not extremely expensive, and you can always choose between different sizes of GB. You can even adapt the design of your new gadget to your Mac’s style. An external hard-drive is the best solution for those of you who do not have a constant internet connection.

If you have no issues accessing the internet at any time of the day, the best solution for you is to keep your files in online storage. If you have no more than 2 GB of files that you want to store, then a platform like Dropbox cloud storage might be just perfect for you. It lets you use its services for free up to 2 GB, and afterward, you can easily upgrade your plan.

Optimize Internet Browser

No matter what web browser you are currently using, if it is Safari or any other, the case is always the same – the more tabs you have open at the same time, the slower your Mac will work. This situation gets even worse if you don’t have much memory left on your computer. Then it can become unbearably slow. Closing the unnecessary tabs will speed up your operating system and free up your RAM.