Amazing Paper Folding 3D Art To Make All Kinds Of Shapes Of Things With Paper

Paper Folding 3D is a 3 dimensional, multi-view guide program. Using this you can make your own models from paper. Amazing art to make all kinds of shapes of things with a simple piece of paper. Simply fold a few times you can create realistic looking objects just a few minutes. Kids of different ages love it.Paper Folding 3D

Main features:
1- Folding process is 3 dimensional, you can watch from any direction you want.
2- Zoom-in to & Zoom-out of the model as you desire.
3- Many textures which make the model more interesting. You can print out and use them to make beautiful models.
4- The program can export modal frame lines as an EMF file which the user can, based on this file, create custom textures using other software.
5- This program offers you 130 models, including birds, fish, and useful daily objects.[adsense]

Paper Folding 3D Art:

The registration fee is US$18.00. The unregistered version has only 12 models. To use all models, please register the software from