Adopt Five Basic Principles For a Happy and Healthy Life

Healthy food is one of the main components of a long and happy life. But what if full of happiness and longevity is not enough just to eat right? What if in fact it is important not only what is, but also how to do it? We have collected for you tips of three books on health and, last but not least, conscious nutrition. Research suggests that circle of relatives meals promotes healthier consuming. Below are five simple steps for your good health.
A Happy And Healthy Life

1. Fatty foods:
Our body is getting fat from food, stores it in fat cells. Excess fat remain in the liver, heart and muscles. When an excess of fat people is often prone to strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. Being overweight overloads the joints, osteoarthritis appears. Fat deposits may eventually disturb the metabolism of cells and lead to cancer. The same can be said about cholesterol, which is also found in fatty foods, with the only amendment that enters into our body cholesterol is generally not processed, and “walking” inside and settles on the walls of blood vessels, leading to severe heart disease.

2. Animal food:
Our body is able to absorb a certain amount of animal food components like proteins, fats and amino acids, etc. Everything that we eat in excess of this limit, accumulates in the body and poisons it. This occurs on a daily basis. In our diet often predominate animal food components such as protein, methionine, food acid. Fat and cholesterol also fall within our body in a much larger amount than it can absorb. All these factors affect the condition of blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other fatal diseases. The concentration of protein, fat and other elements too high in animal products, and this inevitably leads to intoxication. To avoid this, reduce the consumption of animal food, or even eliminate it from your diet.[adsense]

3. Vegetarian food:
According to the most ambitious in the history of “The China Study”, based on the power of plant foods, it allows you to maintain an ideal weight and serves as protection against disease. This is because such food is best suited for the human digestive system. The food plant-based have an important property, this food includes grains, root vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. In drawing up the perfect diet out of it will have to avoid any foods containing animal proteins and fats. It is advisable to completely give up meat, eggs and dairy products.

4. Do not use the Unnecessary vitamins:
Many people are adding to the variety of food vitamins and mineral supplements in food. It became a craze, largely thanks to advertising from drug companies. In fact, independent studies have shown that synthetic vitamins have no significant impact on the status and health of the person. As compared to plant food, artificial vitamins, hardly absorbed in the body. Only natural vitamins contained in vegetables, fruits and other products of plant origin, give the maximum benefit and the opportunity to be healthy.

5. Meditation and dishes
After the meal, we usually wash the dishes and this too can be done consciously. As long as you do not start, it may seem unpleasant. Stand in front of the sink, roll up your sleeves and lower arms under a jet of warm water. Try to take time each plate, to realize every movement of your hands. Do not rush, try washing the dishes enjoyable, it’s also part of your life in which every moment – a miracle. Imagine that if you will wash the dishes with joy, and the dessert is not so good. Be in the here and now, because constantly thinking about the future, you will not be able to live in the present.