How to Check Compatibility Between Processor, RAM and Motherboard

If you want to upgrade and improve your computer or you want to choose parts for a new PC, it is very important to check the compatibility between the individual parts. In the computers there are three hardware parts that require special attention, the processor or CPU, the motherboard and the RAM memory. Due to the hardware manufacturers, almost all motherboards are designed to support only one type of RAM and CPU, thus limiting the possibilities of choice and the ability to update the parts replacement.Compatibility Between Processor, RAM and Motherboard Concerning the processors, the compatibility discourse is quite complex. There are two main CPU manufacturers, Intel and AMD. Obviously the two brands of chips are completely incompatible from the hardware point of view and always require different motherboards.
So if you have a computer with AMD CPU, you can not do a replacement with an Intel CPU without changing the motherboard. So if you choose to buy a computer with an Intel processor, you will have to look for the right motherboard.[adsense]Compatibility Between Processor, RAM and Motherboard Past computers typically use Double Data Rate 3 or (DDR3) memory (it is difficult to have a PC so old that it has DDR2 RAM), which is very different from the more recent and more expensive DDR4 RAM.
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