Able2Extract Pro 12 Review: Now You Can Fill In, Create and Edit PDF Forms

Last year I had the opportunity to review Able2Extract Pro 11 , an all-in-one PDF conversion and editing software. As such, it offered a wide range of features for handling both native and scanned PDF files. Beside the ability to convert PDF to about a dozen of editable file formats like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML and more, Able2Extract enables its users to also create regular and secure PDF, annotate, edit and redact PDFs.Able2Extract Pro 12

This month, Investintech has released an even more comprehensive Able2Extract Professional 12 and I have got the opportunity to explore its new features and improvements. I was most interested in two completely new features, namely PDF form filling and editing. That is why I have focused on exploring those potentially very useful capabilities.

PDF Form Filler:
Able2Extract’s PDF form filler allows you to fill out any interactive PDF form and optionally submit it to data servers. To fill out the form you have on your hard disk, you need to open it in Able2Extract 12 using the Open icon located in the top left corner of the toolbar.Able2Extract Pro 12 Review

After opening the form, you can immediately click on any field and input text, select checkboxes, click on radio buttons and so on.Able2Extract Pro 12 Review (2)

Of course, if you make any typo or accidentally select the wrong checkbox, you can easily re-edit that field. After completing the form, click on the Save icon on the main toolbar and save the filled out PDF form to your computer.

PDF Form Editor:
The PDF Form Editor allows you to create and edit interactive PDF forms. Here is how to get started with this PDF form creator and editor:

Click on the Edit icon on the toolbar to access PDF editing features.[adsense]Able2Extract Pro 12 Review (3)

Once you’ve accessed the PDF editor, you will see two small tabs in the top right corner of the side panel. Click on the lower bottom tab and a PDF Form Editor will appear.Able2Extract Pro 12 Review (4)

You can create and modify interactive PDF forms with six different types of form fields: text, checkboxes, list boxes, push buttons, combo boxes and radio buttons.Able2Extract Pro 12 Review (5)

Thus, edited and created forms you can simply save to your computer or fill out using the PDF form filler before saving or submitting to some data servers.

Both tools work well, although I believe that most individual users will peruse the PDF form filler a lot more, while organizations and business users will most likely find the PDF editor more useful for their information collecting purposes.

After spending some time with Able2Extract Professional 12, I can say that’s it’s a worthy successor of its previous version. All new features worked well, and I was satisfied with the conversion results.

A single-user license is still $149,95 and the software is available for Windows, Mac(OS) and Linux. If you would like to know more, feel free to check out the tool by downloading a free trial .