A Great and Easy to Use Astronomical Simulation Program For Researchers

Starry Night is an astronomical simulation Program can help you to see planets, stars and constellations, as appears from the balcony or from any point on Earth. This program has more than millions of stars information, planets of the solar system, positions of Messier objects. Starry Night allows you to monitor the sky in the past, present and future. You can also travel backward or forward in time, and lots of other information.Starry Night[adsense]Main Features:

1- Exoplanets & Stars modelled in 3D, simple, fast, user-optimized interface.

2- Full-colour Mosaic All-Sky CCD image of the entire night sky.

3- Calendar, event finder, logbook, light pollution & night vision.

4- Up to 500 million downloadable stars and one million galaxies, clusters, deep-sky objects.

5- Daily updates asteroid, comet & satellite, 3D particle galaxies.

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