9 Years Old Pakistani Boy ‘HARIS’ Break the 800 Years Record Passing O-Level Examination


Nine year’s old Pakistani boy, Haris Manzoor successfully passed his O level examination of the British Cambridge University, and breaking an eight hundred years old record. He has become the youngest child to have passed this Examination. Haris revealed that he used to study for 8 hours, dividing it into two shifts daily.9-Years-Old-HARIS

Usually 14 years old sit for the O level Examination all over the world. KPK’s senior minister, Siraj-UL-Haq invited Haris to Pishawar along with his family and organized a ceremony to honour his great achievement. The country pride, Haris aims to do much more and to be a lawyer and a religious scholar. Congratulation Haris and his parents for this record breaking achievement.