5 Reasons Why UK Families Choose SUVs


The sports utility vehicle has made a huge impact on the auto industry, with a family vehicle that ticks all the boxes; designed for the 21st century lifestyle and packed with new tech. All the major auto manufacturers have their own SUV series, as you would expect and most would tell you it’s their best seller, mainly due to the fact that the SUV is not just ideal for families, singles and retired people also make good use of this very popular all-rounder.

Here are a few of the reasons that SUVs are outselling every other vehicle category.

  1. Resale Value – If your SUV is a couple of years old and you’d like to trade it in for a new model, you won’t lose much. Used models in VGC fetch top prices and it won’t be on the market for very long, thanks to the popularity of the sports utility vehicle.
  2. Adventure Travel – Many people prefer to get off the beaten track, so to speak, and having your SUV customised by a leading UK company called Nene Overland results in a tailor-made vehicle for rough terrain that will stand the test of time. Solar blankets are a real game-changer – you can set off for a week to a remote area and have all the power you need – plus there are many tech gadgets that enhance the adventure experience.
  3. Saloon Car Comfort – If you were expecting a rugged sports vehicle to be lacking in the comfort stakes, think again, as the SUV is every bit as luxurious as any prestige saloon car. Those who are enjoying their golden years love the comfort factor the SUV offers and with power steering and heated seats, you have a smooth and reliable ride in all conditions. Adjustable suspension is a major breakthrough, allowing you to switch from motorway to off-road on the fly and with limited slip-diff as standard and a 4WD option, you have many choices.
  4. Perfect Family Vehicle – While you can’t fit the entire contents of your house in the SUV, you can drop the back seats to give you a big space; converting the passenger section to a flat bed, making it ideal for those beach and camping trips. You can have a screen to keep the dog in the rear section, where he can’t damage the upholstery, indeed, more and more SUV owners are having the vehicle customised. Click here if you want to learn more about car insurance.
  5. Surge in Camping Popularity – Camping used to be very popular in the 70s and 80s and is now enjoying a revival, largely due to the high cost of holiday accommodation and the SUV with a roof rack is all you need. You could also pull a small camping trailer, which really does make all the difference.[adsense]

If you are planning a summer excursion in the UK, remember to check for current Covid-19 updates before setting off. We are all hoping that this summer will see a return to normality and with a new SUV, you and your family can explore the great attractions that the UK hosts.