5 Fastest Growing Careers in Technology

Fastest Growing Careers in Technology

Nowadays, making a career in technology is the best option for any student or fresher. Understandably, choosing a right career in technology can prove confusing. We are spoilt for choice. However, if we look at global trends, there are five fastest growing careers. Proper training and certification with some hands-on experience can set you on fast- track to any excellent career in technology.

Top 5 Careers in Technology

These top careers in technology are trending at the moment. And they are expected to remain in vogue for several decades.

Artificial Intelligence

Broadly, Artificial Intelligence or AI is getting computers to perform some tasks we do. These include recognizing voice, taking decisions, translating languages or even calculating complex numbers are some functions that AI can perform with excellent efficiency.

A classic example of AI would be your bank or investment company that uses Interactive Voice Response. The IVR guides you to complete a transaction. Similarly, AI can be deployed for various other complex purposes such as customer srevice, recruitments, logistics, healthcare and hospitality, among other sectors.

AI is a developing technology. Hence, it holds immense potential for anyone looking for an excellent, long term career in technology.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast ocean. Globally, digital advertising stands at around US$100 billion in 2019 depending upon which source you believe. Others peg it at US$160 billion. Regardless, digital marketing is a rapidly developing field that provides amazing career opportunities. In fact, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing careers in technology in the developed and developing worlds.

You may be surprised, but digital marketing is not limited to ecommerce companies like Amazon or eBay only. Nowadays, even that small neighborhood business needs digital marketing if they wish to stay in competition and retain edge over rivals.

Digital marketing is integration of several online processes that enable businesses to convert leads into customers. Companies such as Airbnb and Amazon owe their success to digital marketing.

App Development

The demand for apps is rising worldwide. More people around the globe are getting connected to high speed Internet on mobile. This is because of cheaper smartphones and affordable Internet packages now flooding the market.

About 75 percent of all ecommerce sales and purchases and an equal number of financial transactions are expected to be done through mobile by 2020. This translates as increase in demand for banking platform software that are user friendly and lower the time taken between decision making and transacting.

For software developers, creating apps either as employee of some firm or starting own business will prove to be an excellent career in technology.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) provides amazing opportunities for developing a career. What is Internet of Things? In simplest words, it is a process of integrating software, hardware, Internet and various other networks to work together and fetch desired results.

A good example of IoT are refrigerators that can be controlled from any location in the world through Internet. The same principle applies to various other applications. Fleet management, freight movement, irrigation, construction, banking and finance and several other industries are gradually shifting to IoT since it allows real-time and efficient processes.

Mastering IoT technology is not a cakewalk. However, with an excellent course and training, it paves way to a superb career. It is also one of the fastest growing careers in technology.

Cloud Engineering

Computer servers located at offices are rapidly becoming extinct as large corporations move to cloud computing. Because cloud computing helps save precious office space and is more secure when compared over own servers.

With increasing number of organizations now favoring cloud, it has become one of the fastest growing careers in technology. Cloud engineering basically involves system maintenance, planning, design and support of cloud systems.

This is a very specialized field for anyone serious about a career in technology. Huge demand for cloud engineers already exists.

In Conclusion

A major advantage of careers in technology are the opportunities to upgrade skills quickly. Since technology evolves by the hour, it is essential to keep abreast with the latest. Tech-based careers are usually evergreen. And making a career in these fields is worth every effort and expense.