How Can Businesses Track an Employee’s Internet Activity?

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The internet is a widespread tool in all forms of business, and in so requires clear structure and guidelines regarding its use. One way that companies establish this type of structure is through ethical monitoring of employee internet activity. There are many benefits to tracking the use of browser activity and internet use. Among them are increased productivity, a culture of accountability, and added protection for company software.

It seems like a laboring task having to weave hardware, software, and network together. Especially when cloud technology has opened a new layer of complexity. Not to worry, it is much easier than you would expect.

With today’s focus on all things internet, there has naturally been an influx of tools designed to maximize the concept. These tools make it simple allowing employee level applications to remain unchanged while behind the scenes keeping internet activity within company guidelines.

Two major tools you will find are browser-based activity monitoring and best system monitoring software.

Managing Through Browsers

Your web browser is your primary vehicle in navigating the internet.

In the last decade technology companies have refined and released their versions of web browsing technology. Some of the more popular web browsers include:

  • Google’s Chrome
  • Microsoft’s Edge Browser
  • Apple’s Safari
  • Mozilla’s Firefox

These browsers have risen in popularity for their stability, flexibility, and speed. They showcase various features among them, one set of which are tools to manage activity.

Managing through the browser is a lightweight option for employers to monitor activity. The rise of web-based applications is moving what was previously OS software online. More and more programs are written for the web that companies utilize. As a result, using these management tools can cover a lot of ground. Some businesses chose to streamline their workflow by using software such as Wave Browser where you can see everything on one screen, and personalize the settings to whatever needs you have.

Google’s Chrome Browser Management, for example, allows administrators to manage devices using Chrome on their network, limit or control Chrome features and provide access to VPNs or Wi-Fi. All of which can be controlled per user or as a global standard.

Other modern browsers will carry a similar family of features all geared towards encouraging productivity and increasing security. Setting up a default browser for use on company hardware allows you to tap into these features and run your business through your chosen medium.[adsense]

Browsers are not the only tool you can use, software exists on the OS level to assist in monitoring as well.

Computer Monitoring SoftwareEmployee's Internet Activity

When it comes to internet monitoring the best solutions are flexible, simple, and integrate seamlessly into the workflow. A more developed solution than a browser option is full-scale monitoring software.

Computer monitoring software can be used to record, analyze, and secure user activity on the internet across all your company hardware. The benefits of this system are valuable to companies.

The concept of this software focuses on the features that software-based applications can use. Because it is run on your operating system, it can be run in or out of network for 24/7 use. Users on Active Directory can all be set up with this software. Remote and office users can also be configured.

This form of computer monitoring software will normally feature strong reporting tools, giving administrators the option to review data on user activity. The software can also go beyond the scope of a browser into computer activity such as program use, file tracking, and printer use.

The benefits of computer monitoring extend into all categories of productivity. From employee use of time to keeping a network secure and running smoothly there is something to be said about the merits of internet tracking. Using these tools gives your business a streamlined, developed solution you can integrate into your workflow.