How to Earn Money with Your Smartphone

Earn Money with Your Smartphone

Somebody once said: “We live in an age of smart phones and stupid people.” Definitely, this would sound offensive to anyone that uses a smartphone. However, if we consider certain facts, this adage might well be prophetic or even true for majority of mobile phone users worldwide. Millions of people worldwide use these simple methods to earn money with smartphone.Earn Money with Your Smartphone

True or False?

Here are some facts and figures that aptly validate the above words.

  • People around the world spend an average three hours on smartphones daily.
  • Of these three hours, phone calls account for average 21 minutes only per day.
  • Remaining time is spent on social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, instant messengers such as WhatsApp, watching movies and videos, listening to music and playing offline and online games.
  • Online shopping using smartphones and other devices is also very high, especially in developed world. It forms about 50 percent of all ecommerce purchases.
  • Consumers prefer smartphones to conduct financial transactions such as money transfer, bill payment and investing.

While nobody denies your right to healthy entertainment and recreation, using smartphone for these purposes can lead to dangerous addiction.

Instead, try using ways and means to earn money with your smartphone. It might not make you very rich. Yet, it will provide some extra income to meet household expenses, buy something you dream about or investing for future.

Sounds interesting? Read further.

How to Earn Money with Smartphone

Companies around the world recognize the growing significance of smartphones and mobile Internet. Hence, they are evolving newer ways and means to make their use more attractive. One among these is to enable smartphone users like you to make money on the move. Here are some ways how you can earn money with a smartphone.

Take & Sell Stock Photos

Nowadays, most smartphones come with high resolution cameras. Use this camera to take excellent pictures. These pictures can be sold online to local and international buyers. Companies, businesses and individuals are always looking for excellent pictures. Pictures of nature and natural phenomenon, monuments, food, fashion, celebrities and political personalities, places and unusual occurrences as well as disasters are easy to sell on the Internet.[adsense]

To earn money with your smartphone, register on any good stock photo website like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty’s Images and other similar ones. Registration is free. You can upload all superb pictures taken from your mobile on these websites.

Complete Paid Surveys

Every heard of apps such as SB Answers, Google Opinion Rewards and The Panel Station? These apps come from some of the largest market research companies of the world. They provide these apps free to help you earn money with your smartphone.

How? Download one or more such apps and complete your registration. After successfully registering on these apps, you can take their online, paid surveys. Additionally, these apps also pay you for playing online games, writing reviews and watching ads.

You will receive cash or shopping vouchers for Amazon and other major online retailers, for your effort. This is an amazing way to earn money with your smartphone while removing boredom from a daily commute.

Test Smartphone Apps

If you have some basic knowledge on how apps work, you can earn money with your smartphone too. Before an app is made available to the public, developers and companies want to test it for various purposes. They want to check user friendliness, speed, accuracy of information and various other features. Hence, they enlist help of ordinary people like us that own a smartphone.

UserFeel, UserTesting and TestBirds are some of the most popular apps that you can download. After successful registration, you will have to download a new app and use it for a few days or even hours. The developer will specify what information they are looking for, before allowing you to test.

Testing apps can earn you anything from US$10 to US$50 or even more, depending upon information a developer seeks from you. However, income from app testing can vary according to your location and experience as well as nature of app.

In Conclusion

There are some more ways too such as participating in online quiz contests through mobile apps. You can try any of these too and join the global community that makes money with smartphones.