4 Reasons VPNs Are Worthwhile!


A “Virtual Private Network” is a software you run on your computer and phone that provides a secure gateway to the Internet. The software routes your traffic across various access points so that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and big data collectors can’t track your browsing history and online activity, let’s look at what makes a or “BestVPN”.

Secure public Wi-Fi.

When out and about, staying connected is often a necessity, and free Wi-Fi has become an important commodity for staying in touch with family members, as well as business colleagues. The added bonus is that using Wi-Fi won’t chew through your smartphone data plan. However, using public Wi-Fi can also be fraught with hazards. These include packet sniffers (your browsing is unencrypted, and unencrypted radio waves can be picked up by anyone), falling into phishing scams via fake Wi-Fi connections, and being hacked or infected with malware – malware from one laptop in the coffee shop could find its way to your device via the router. The good news is that a VPN with a modern encryption protocol will help protect you and your precious data from these types of attacks.

Access streaming content not usually available in your location.

Where are you in the world? Do you want to watch something on BBC iPlayer from outside the UK? Perhaps you’re in the UK and want to catch the latest streamed releases on the US version of Netflix? Either way, location-based restrictions prevent you from doing that. While you can employ a browser-based proxy tool to fool the service into thinking you’re in a different country, these can often result in slow data streaming. Instead, you can employ a VPN and specify a “local” server. Most VPNs typically have dozens, if not hundreds of servers, that you can securely connect to and route data via. These servers are based around the world, so a computer in New York could connect to a server in the UK and catch the latest episode of Doctor Who the night it goes out via BBC iPlayer.

Save money on shopping, accommodation and flights.

Stores and travel agencies will often change their pricing according to where you are shopping from, depending on demand and how much customers from that region are willing to pay, among other factors. This could be for anything from a handbag, shoes, new car, or even hotel rooms and flights. Though it may take a bit of time and effort to find the right shopping origin for that particular thing that you want, if it is expensive or you are buying multiple flights, it could well be worth it. To beat this location bias, you can shop in online stores and check flight rates using VPN servers from different countries. This will help you in getting the best deals at the best rates.[adsense]

Privacy and security for research and communication.

Text and voice messaging can now be encrypted, and therefore there’s the potential for messages to be intercepted and read. Putting these messaging services through a VPN provides a higher level of security with the inherent encryption, and keeps these conversations where they belong – in private. VoIP has enabled digital voice communications at a lower cost than traditional phone lines by routing calls through the internet.

The downside is that now instead of tapping individual subscriber lines, VoIP calls can be acquired and analyzed in bulk. By sending these calls through a VPN, they are encrypted, and therefore require serious decryption skills to gain access to the call, making things much harder for any snoops.