Popularity of VPNs, why are They So Popular?


VPNs are applications or web browsers that can hide your IP and geolocation, giving you a more private and secure connection to surf or transact on the web.

They are increasingly popular because of ease of use, costs coming down and the need to secure internet activity and keeping your information private.

For non-sensitive data you may not feel the need to encrypt or hide the source, e.g. your Facebook browsing or YouTube watching videos, but what if its banking login, financial transfers, or emails to clients and colleagues. A VPN can help protect this confidential information and mask the source of it.

Security and Privacy is the Main reason People use VPN’s.

WIFI and open WIFI are very convenient and essential for a mobile society but the major drawback is vulnerability to snoopers and hacking. Using unsecure of even open public Wi-Fi has many risks. These includes phishing scams and being hacked or infected with malware and viruses on an infected network. Data being communicated over WIFI that is unencrypted can be intercepted and used such as bank logins or email messages. But a good diadiktiokaiasfalia VPN with an encryption protocol and hidden browsing can protect you and your personal information.

Open Wi-Fi is important to saving your data plan and keeping in touch whether something as simple as arranging a meeting time, or staying abreast of your financial investments. So, it is paramount that it is secure and safe.

Online communications – both text and voice (using Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP) have evolved from simple text-based emails to robust cross-platform messaging and calling services. The issue is that not all of these are encrypted, and why there is a risk of messages being intercepted and stolen. Using a strong VPN provides a higher level of security to ensure your private conversations are not seen by people who are not supposed to see them. VoIP is used all the time now because it’s cheap and efficient to use for global business, but the problem is eavesdropping on calls, VoIP calls can be stolen and used. A secure VPN provides a shield because the data and calls have to be decrypted and so less easily compromised.

Saving Money with Lowering Costs.

VPNs have come down in price and can be as low as a few dollars a month. What used to be the realm of corporates and cost thousands, there are now millions of servers around the world that can give an individual the same power and access to a VPN for pennies. Certain sites, booking engines for flights hotels or even TV channels are location restricted. For example, to watch the BBC outside of the UK you would need a VPN, but you are getting great content and amazing TV drama and sports for free when you are not in the UK and don’t have to pay a subscription license.  You may be in the UK but want to watch US Netflix, before VPNS, you would only get local content. Now you get all the best US shows and box sets as soon as they are released.[adsense]

The software routes your traffic via different servers that can be chosen by country or even city, to fool the provider into thinking you are from the US. An added advantage is that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot collect your data and sell it onto marketers.

The VPN will give you a “local” server and you can even cycle between them to find the best performing one for speed and no drop outs.