4 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Cat


Although often thought of as particularly aloof and by some people, more than a bit unloving and even cold, cats, just like rabbits and any other pet for that matter, will give you love, affection, and trust in exactly the same quantities which you, in turn, give them.

With that in mind, continue reading to learn of the four crucial things you need to know before you adopt a cat.

1. Never Declaw Your Cat

The fundamental reason you should not declaw your cat under any circumstances is simply that this is the equivalent of cutting all ten of your own fingers off from the first knuckle.

Declawing your poor, defenseless cat;

  • removes their first line of defense against attack
  • makes them feel more insecure and subsequently more aggressive
  • causes them not just short-term but also long-term pain
  • forces them to have to learn how to walk again

Instead, spend time, love, and energy encouraging your cat to scratch in the appropriate places, ensure you trim their nails regularly, and buy your cat multiple different scratching posts and scatter them around your home.

2. Register With A Cat-Friendly Vet

It is exceedingly important to register with a professional veterinary practice, such as petnestanimalhospital.com, the moment you bring your cat home and just as important to ensure the vets you choose have feline experts on-site.

Like with other wild and domesticated animals, cats require entirely different expertise to best diagnose and treat the myriad of species-specific ailments and diseases.

3. Stick To A Regular & Healthy Feeding Schedule

If cats love anything, along with bringing their devoted human housemates’ dead mice as cheeky morning gifts, it is a set routine and an adhered-to feeding schedule.

Cats should be fed twice a day, morning and evening, and the opportunity to graze on dry food throughout the day from their feeding bowl. Always wash your cat’s bowls with warm, soapy water to keep the food as fresh as possible and to deter ants from gathering around the area. Additionally, always provide copious water bowls and ensure to provide fresh water at least once a day.

4. Cats Need To Be Regularly Groomed

There are many reasons why you must always take time to regularly groom your cat, not least because there are all manner of infections they can catch from dirty and matted fur.

Grooming your feisty feline removes dead skin particles, loose fur, hairs, and dust, all of which can cause irritation and even infection if left untreated. In addition, grooming your cat will help cultivate and strengthen the bond between you as your car will recognize you are caring for them and feel the love with every brush stroke.

A bonus advantage in having to regularly groom your newly adopted cat is that this is the easiest and least stressful way (for both of you) to carry out a full health check and ensure that everything about them is in working order.