3 Modern Business Tools that Make Performing Contractor Services Easier


Being successful in the business world today requires knowing the right skills and having an understanding and working knowledge of modern business tools. And as our society has progressed in the digital age, learning these tools is critical for success.

Business tools make your life as a contractor much easier. And learning how to use them effectively can actually increase your productivity while also offering you a means to organize your information more efficiently.

As a contractor, knowing your tools is essential. Just like you need to know the benefits of having a work truck on hand for hauling heavy equipment, you also need to know the benefits of a CRM system, or other data management tools.

If you’re looking to expand your operation, enhance marketing efforts, or gain new clients, in this post, we’ll explore a few modern tools that all contractors should be using in 2021.

Project Management Software

One of the biggest headaches in the contracting world is having to stay on top of progress. And this can become exceedingly difficult if you have multiple projects running all at one time.

In the not too distant past, project managers were hired in order to keep up with projects as they were in progress. And these individuals are responsible for ensuring employee productivity as well as making sure materials and supplies are being received on time.

In today’s digital world, any contractor can keep up with projects by using project management software.

These digital tools allow you to centralize all of your business analytics and project data. And you’ll also have a real-time dashboard where you can view progress displays, order information, information about employees, issues and resolutions, and a host of other useful tools.

PMS software has been called a life-saver for many contractors who run multiple projects across several territories.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming more and more critical when it comes to establishing and maintaining quality relationships with current and former clients.

This software is largely used for marketing purposes and for maintaining brand relevance for a number of businesses across multiple industries. And it’s also making a huge impact on customer relations for contractors who are often too busy to keep up with customer relations.

Additionally, many project management programs also contain some form of CRM apps included. So depending on which brand of software you prefer, you can have a full display of project data along with information that details all of your current and former customers’ needs in one place.

Maintaining customer relationships is critical to establishing a quality reputation. Remember, word-of-mouth travels fast. So you want to ensure that your reputation precedes you in a positive light.


Let’s face it, having a smartphone is essential for operating any business in any industry. And this is just as critical a piece of equipment for a contractor as it is for a Wall Street executive.

Additionally. A smartphone may only get you so far. If you operate in remote areas, you may need a satellite phone to use in areas where you have little to no service such as in box canyons, high mountain passes, or in remote rural locations.

Along with proper cell and satellite communications, you’ll also want to make your life easier by having a tablet or lightweight laptop such as a Macbook Air or the like for being able to send emails and accessing other information where displays need a larger screen readout.

And don’t forget that these tools will also need access to Wifi as well, so having Wifi installed on a company vehicle will make communications so much easier.

As a contractor in the digital age, you have a variety of tools available at your disposal. And instead of getting behind on a job or allowing the competition to get an edge on you, taking advantage of these tools will ensure that you’re staying on top of your game.