28 Useful Freeware and Shareware Programs for Mac Lovers

Here is a collection of interesting freeware and shareware programs for Mac lovers, that can evaluate to install and if you have programs to report, do not miss it to write them in the comments. If you are a new Mac user and totally clueless what to install, this article is for you.Below is a list of useful applications you can install for your Mac. You should download to your OS X desktop or laptop. You can download these apps from given links.Programs for Mac Lovers

28 Useful Freeware and Shareware Programs for Mac:

1- Adium: Free messaging program AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and many others. Free.

2- Airmail: Well-made program to send and send email.

3- Air Parrot: To share the screen display on other devices such as a TV with a media receiver, all taking advantage of the wireless connection.

4- Amphetamine: Are you afraid that your PC will switch off at an inconvenient time ? this application all the power saving features are disabled. Free.

5- AppCleaner: Remove comprehensively programs from your computer.

6- Carbon Copy Cloner: If you are afraid of losing at any moment the data on the computer.

7- CheatSheet: Display the keyboard shortcuts for the application that is currently active. Free.

8- Downie: Would you like to save a video from the Internet ?! With this program you can easily download videos from many sites.

9- Fantastical: Alternative to the traditional calendar.

10- Handbrake: Video file converter, includes a huge amount of supported formats. Free.

11- iFlicks: To manage your collection of movies and add videos to iTunes and iOS smartphones. Automatically inserts the metadata, essentially all the information about the video was added to the library.

12- Infinit.io: Allows you to send large files to friends.

13- Little Snitch: If you want to protect your privacy when browsing the Internet, a window tells you when a program or service communicates outside information from your computer.

14- Noizio: Noise to help you focus. Such as rain, thunderstorms, the background of a bar …

15- Notability: Taking notes by hand.[adsense]

16- Numi: A calculator. Need anything else?

17- Paprika: Organize recipes, create shopping lists everything synchronized in real time between all devices connected to the service.

18- Password Safe: To manage in a simple and secure password. Free.

19- Pdf Expert: PDF reader with some advanced features.

20- PhotoSweeper: Remove duplicate photos (or similar to each other) from the PC.

21- Pixelmator: Image editor with basic functionality.

22- SelfControl: Blocks access to all websites that can be distracting. Free.

23- STAMP: To move your music playlists between different services (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube etc.

24- Transmission: A small and fast BitTorrent client. Free.

25- Tweetbot: If you have one or more Twitter accounts, with this software you can manage and use them to the fullest.

26- Unarchiver: Unzip files that are compressed in various formats.

27- VLC: Media player that lets you play DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, various streaming protocols, practically everything that you can look and \ or listen. Free.

28- Weather Dock: To have the weather forecast directly on your desktop. Free.