10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking Habit Within Two Days

Smoking is a too bad habit and dangerous for health as well. In a survey, common statement taken from smokers that they smoke when they were worried of getting solution of their problems. Said habit makes them more comfortable and they will be able more work (daily routine). On the other hand, in aforesaid worry situations, if they don’t smoke, then they feel more tired. Moreover, some of smokers have answered that they want to quit smoking and want to live a healthy life.Quit Smoking Habit Within Two DaysMost of surveys tell us about the patients who was affected by lung cancer. The one and only common habit between all of these patients are smoking. So, avoid this habit to live a healthy life. In following we are enlisted some of the best tips that will help you to quit smoking without any tension.

10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking Habit from Your Life:[adsense]

01- Keep your Hand Busy: Whenever you feel that you need to smoke, just keep your hand busy. Try it every time when you required the same. In result, bad habit of smoking will end.
02- Keep Your Mouth Busy: While your hand busy to avoiding the requirement of smoking, keep also your mouth busy. For example, chewing bubble gum, drink some tasty juices, etc. The effect will come in the true sense and requirement will ends.
03- Relax When You Tired: Whenever you feel tired, leave all the assignments and just take some rest. This action gives your body relaxed. After a while continues your job without any worry.
04- Add Fun To Your Life: Whenever the desire of smoking will increase, add some fun into your life. For example, watch movies, listen songs, play games etc.
05- Replace Or Move Your Site: It was also observed that if you move from your current site to another, the desiring of smoking will reduce. So, replace your site whenever you desire to smoke.
06- Appreciate / Encourage Yourself: Appreciation and encouragement have big moral enhancing things. Applied these on you. Appreciate yourself that you get the success to leave this habit. Encourage yourself that you will not smoke again because your life have much importance and needs to your family as well.
07- Visit To A Healthy Environment: Avoiding smoking in true sprites, visit the healthy environment in your free time. Visit your nearest park and walk daily, approximately one and a half hour.
08- Non-Smoking Kit: If you think that it’s so difficult to leave such habit, take a non-smoking kit in your hand.
09- Taste Salt: To avoid aforesaid habit, taste some salt. When the particles of salts touches buddies of your tongue, the smoking desire will reduced automatically.
10- Talk With Friend: At the end, make good friends and discuss your ideas and thinking to himself. Also told him about your avoiding habit, its dis-advantages and also know his comments about the same.