Yayvo.com Offers to Drop Product Price in Return for Tweets

Yayvo.com always surprises its customers with unique and new online shopping campaigns. After successful attempts of Shopping Day, Black Friday and Pakistan Tech Sale, a new campaign #WhatThePrice is being introduced in Pakistan by Yayvo.com. It is unique and first of its online shopping campaign starting in Pakistan. #WhatThePrice is based on the idea of Social Price Drop. With this campaign, now online shoppers will decide the final price of the product by Tweeting about it. Seems Interesting!#WhatThePrice will start on 4 August 2017, 11 AM. So brace yourself with a unique idea of online shopping and buy the selected product at the lowest price.

How does #WhatThePrice campaign works?

#WhatThePrice works on one simple formula “The Actual price of the product will cut down, depending upon the no of Tweets by people.” Now people will decide the final the price of the selected product by tweeting about it.[adsense]
For example, one Tweet about #WhatThePrice will reduce a particular amount of that product, which will eventually lead to the lowest price of that product if people will keep tweeting about #WhatThePrice.

How can you take part in #WhatThePrice Campaign and get the product at the lowest price?

For getting the lowest price on a particular product, you just need to follow these steps.
1. Go to #WhatThePrice: yayvo.com/what-the-pricepage between 11 AM to 5 PM on 4th on 4th August, 2017
2. Then click on the button “Click to Re-tweet.”
3. After Re-tweeting successfully, the actual price of the product will be reduced.
4. The final reduced price of the product will be announced at the end of the counter then; you will need to grab this product by placing an order before someone else does!
5. The product will be announced on the day of the event.
6. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Mark your calendar and decide your lowest price for the selected product at Yayvo.com, which no one else can offer!