WhatsApp Added Two New Very Important Features in Beta Version

WhatsApp Beta version are two new features, which can be said about a hundred percent sure that their customers were in need. The first feature is that no need to find somewhere interesting GIF images. Rather, they have been included like Smilies in WhatsApp. And now you can send your friends whenever you like looking GIF easily. Another important update is that it now has thirty limit for sending media files which before was only ten. WhatsApp  Two New Features in Beta VersionThe earlier you can send photos with only ten, but has been facilitated sending thirty images.

Learn how to get their favorite features in below steps:

Step 1: Open Google Play store and find WhatsApp applicationWhatsApp _step_01

Step 2: Scroll down and press ( I’M IN ) optionWhatsApp _step_02

Step 3: Then choose “Join” in beta program popup box.[adsense]WhatsApp _step_03

Step 4: Wait shortly, and when Update button appearWhatsApp _step_04

Step 5: Now you can u[date to beta versionWhatsApp _step_05

  • In First Feature you can search and send GIF picture to others.
  • In Second Feature you can select 30 pictures instead of 10 at a time and send to others.