What You Need to Know About Engagement Announcement


Engagement is one of the most romantic and memorable moments for a couple all over the world. An engagement announcement card has helped simplify the whole scene of proposing for engagement. The engagement announcement generally is a card or photo that contains phrases that have been arranged systematically to spread specific news concerning weddings. They usually spread the news to friends and family in a formal way, entailing details such as the venue of the event and who will be hosting it. If interested in making engagement announcements, make arrangements and visit their website for more details and help.


Ways of Announcing Engagement

Engagement naturally leads to a wedding. An engagement stands out to be one of the most incredible moments for the future bride and groom’s two parties, creating memories that are worth not forgetting. There are several ways of uniquely announcing an engagement. These include:

  1. Creation of a sweet story. An engagement announcement should ensure that it shares a beautiful story of the two partners. Their story can be shared with several photos summarizing all the beautiful memories between them.
  2. Ensure they are creating candid moments. These moments are created by hiring a photographer who will capture the beautiful occasion. If you are lucky, ensure that sized images have been captured to announce your engagement.
  3. Showing off your ring. Ensure that the engagement announcement shows off the beautiful ring that you used to propose. Words are not always needed to explain, simply showing the ring on the left ring finger has said it all.
  4. Ensure that you show some creativity. An engagement announcement requires some creativity, such as hiding a ring in their partner’s favorite treat or buying a present written with sweet engagement words.
  5. The use of a hashtag. When posting on social media, ensure that you use the hashtag, for example, #SheFinallySaidIDo. They help a lot in conveying the engagement news to many people using the shortest time possible. Using a hashtag will also allow people who follow social media to see both parties’ beautiful photos.
  6. Ensure that you throw a party. It is the most common way when conveying the engagement announcement. Ensure that you have invited several friends and family to a party and then propose to your partner when all of them are present.

What You Should Not Do in an Engagement Announcement

There are several things you should avoid doing before you engage with your partner—ensuring that you do not post on social media before telling your loved one. They include the closest friends and family members who are always supportive of you and your partner. Inform them first before posting on any social media platform. This makes them feel like they took part in your announcement.

Avoid oversharing of the wedding details. An individual is required to find a balance between posting and what will make you happy. In this way, you are guaranteed that you will give out irrelevant information concerning the wedding.[adsense]


Engagement announcements are of great benefit to couples who want to take the next big step of life through marriage, as engagement leads to one. One should use an engagement card to propose as it has proved to be a perfect way of asking your partner for their hand in marriage.