What Is Comptia A+ Certification and Should You Use Exam Dumps for Its Prerequisite Test?


Comptia A+ is designed to validate the candidates’ skills and competence in the core and advanced components of the methodology. The professionals with this credential can lead projects and function as a team member in advanced improvement projects led by a Black Belt. The Green Belts have an extensive understanding of different areas of the Six Sigma methodology, including their skills in subject matters inhered in the stages of DMAIC as highlighted in the Body of Knowledge.

How to earn the Green Belt certification?

To obtain this CompTIA A+ Practice Test credential, the candidates must demonstrate that they understand how to perform, apply, interpret, and implement the principles at the advanced level of proficiency. To demonstrate this expertise, they have to pass the related exam. The test consists of 100 questions with the time allocation of three hours. It is a proctored closed-book exam, which is made up of multiple-choice and true/false questions from the major sections of the Body of Knowledge. It also contains an extra 10 questions that are unscored.

If you want to get the Green Belt certificate, you must achieve at least a score of 70% of the total exam questions. There are no requirements for taking the test but the learners must understand the content before attempting it. To register for this certification exam, they have to pay the fee of $295. The test is available in 165 countries of the world and can be taken in one of over 8,000 testing centers across these countries.

How to prepare for the Green Belt certification exam?

It is recommended that you go through specialized training to prepare for the test. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. If you can prepare through self-study and cover all the content of the domains, you can still pass your exam without any issue. For self-study, you can find numerous tools that you can use online. There are free training courses and video tutorials. You should also explore practice tests and A+ Practice Test  to enhance your chance of success in the certification exam.

After the successful completion of the test, one will get the Green Belt certificate issued by one of the independent third-party associations that offers it. When choosing the provider to earn your credential, you must ensure that it has a testing center close to your location.[adsense]


The Green Belt certification with the Comptia A+ principles gives you a lot of advantages. Having this credential on your resume can make a significant difference in your chance of getting hired in some organizations. Therefore, when preparing for the prerequisite exam, ensure that you use reliable resources. Doing otherwise can impact your performance in a negative way. Also, remember to explore the relevant practice tests and exam dumps during your preparation. All the efforts that you put during your preparation affect your overall score, so don’t avoid the materials offered by the vendor you have chosen and use some additional ones. Thus, you will be able to cover the topics from all sides.