What happens if you die without a Will or Trust in Alabama?

Without a Will

When it comes to handling issues that have to do with wills and end of life paperwork, it can be so difficult to understand just what is happening and what you should do. For those that pass away in the state of Alabama, estate attorneys at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana can help.

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will of Trust?

For your family, passing without a will or trust is a bit worrisome. It does not mean that your estate is never going to be settled, but rather that it might take a bit longer to complete the estate process and might take longer to get settled overall. If you pass away without any sort of will or trust in place your estate is going to go into what is called probate.

Probate is a process by which the estate is essentially frozen in place for a period of time to allow debt collectors and other people that are invested in the estate to come and make their claim. Debt collectors can come and make a claim on the estate to help make sure that their own interests are taken care of and that if there is any debt, that it is settled before the rest of the estate is dispensed.

In this case, probate lasts about 6 months in most cases and requires that the estate not be dispensed in any manner until the specific amount of time has passed. You can hire a probate attorney to help move the process faster and help get the case seen and taken care of before the period of time has passed. A probate attorney can help you get the estate of your loved one settled quicker.

Probate may last longer if there is a contested estate and if people come forward and do state that they have a stake in the estate and if they feel that they do need to be part of the proceeding. If you are thinking of getting a will in place, it is always a great option and it can be helpful to call on an attorney to get a will in place and make sure that your family and loved ones are going to be able to settle your estate quickly after you pass away.

Probate is a process that is necessary and that does give those that are interested the chance to come forward and state that they do have a stake in an estate so that they can get their fair share. Estates that are left without a will or without a trust, it can be very challenging for those that are left behind after you pass.

How Can an Attorney Help?

When thinking about estates that do not have will and trust attorney orange county, estate attorneys are a very helpful thing. Estate attorneys can help you to settle estates, they can help you to get your debts settled, they can help you to make sure that all interested parties are given a chance to make a claim on the estate and make a claim at any money or property that might be left.

An estate attorney can help you to be represented at any hearing that you might be having, they can help you to figure out how much of the estate you are entitled to, and they can also help you collect your part of the estate so that you do not have to be part of it if you do not want to. Often times, estates that are without a will or a trust lead to those interested parties fighting and often lead to hurt feelings.

With the help of an attorney you can get the best outcome and you can make sure that all parties are represented and that they are given a chance to get a part of the estate without there being a huge outcry from those that feel that they should get a part of the estate. With the help of an attorney you can get the estate handled legally, quickly and you can also make sure that all parties that are interested do get their part of the estate.

Estate attorneys can help you to get the right will in place and can also help you make sure you have your interests represented. If you are thinking of starting a will, it is always a good idea that can make managing your death a little bit easier for those you leave behind.