What Are the Awesome Benefits of Playing Basketball?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 150 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly. Yet, one study shows that only 22.7% of Americans meet this requirement.

Do you fall short when it comes to weekly exercise? If so, have you considered playing basketball or another sport?

You might not enjoy lifting weights or running around your neighborhood. However, you might like a group sport, like basketball.

Playing basketball is not only fun, but it also provides health benefits. Here are some of the amazing benefits it offers.

Provides a Cardio Workout

Cardio workouts directly impact your heart health. Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body. Thus, keeping it healthy improves your overall health.

One of the top basketball benefits is the cardio benefits it offers. Playing basketball works out your heart.

Any cardio workout strengthens the heart in several ways. First, working out the heart makes it pump harder. When it pumps harder, it moves the oxygen through your body.

Every organ in your body needs oxygen, including your muscles. As a result, supplying more oxygen to these organs and body parts strengthens them.

Additionally, working out your heart reduces your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure reduces your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Of course, you’ll need the right basketball gear to play, but that primarily includes shoes.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Basketball is also a great sport for improving your balance and coordination. As people age, they tend to struggle with balance issues. However, building balance and coordination is also crucial for kids.

You use your eyes, body, and brain when you play basketball. You watch where the ball is, and your body reacts. These basketball skills help you improve your balance and coordination.

Before you play, you should look for the best basketball shoes. You’ll need the right sneakers for basketball to ensure you don’t slip and fall. You can check out KicksCrew to find the best shoes.

Builds Muscles and Bone Strength

When you perform a cardio workout, like basketball, it helps you build muscle throughout your body.

Your body needs strong muscles for several reasons. First, your muscles give you the strength to move and perform activities.

Additionally, as you age, your muscles keep you safe. With strong muscles, you’ll have a reduced risk of falling or getting injured if you fall.

Strong muscles also protect your joints, which is also important as you age.

Additionally, you can strengthen, build, and protect your bone health by playing basketball. Basketball is a weight-bearing activity. Weight-bearing activities encourage your body to create new tissue, including bone tissue.

The result is stronger bones, which also help you balance. Additionally, strong bones don’t break as easily if you fall or experience a traumatic physical experience.

Burns Calories

Approximately two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Carrying around extra weight is hard on your heart and overall health.

In fact, overweight individuals have a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart-related issues. Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your health if you’re overweight.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to aerobic classes to drop some pounds. Instead, you could play basketball.

Playing basketball helps you burn calories. If you want to lose weight, burning calories is the way to go. You’ll start shedding pounds with a healthy diet and an hour of basketball each day.

Benefits Mental Health

In addition to physical benefits, playing basketball is also good for the mind. Playing basketball can increase your brain health in several ways.

First, exercise of any kind encourages your brain to release endorphins. People struggling with mental health disorders, including depression, benefit from exercise for this reason.

Secondly, you can boost your sharpness and clarity through the skills you use during a basketball game After all, you must be alert and mindful when playing. As well as this, playing a sport (such as basketball), can develop your communication skills and will help you feel like you belong. A big factor of this is having a team uniform, from a retailer such as Sports Gear Swag, as it can make you feel a sense of unity and belonging, therefore boosting your mental strength.

These skills boost your brain’s functions, providing mental health benefits.

A secondary effect is an improved immune system. If playing basketball improves your mental health, it can also improve your immune system’s functions.

As you feel better mentally, your body has the ability to fight infections and illnesses more effectively.

Boosts Confidence

Working out tends to build a person’s confidence. For some people, this happens by feeling good about themselves.

If you never work out, starting a workout regime can make you feel better about yourself. You might feel accomplished, healthier, and happier.

For others, playing basketball provides a place to escape real life. When you play basketball with others, you can get your mind off everything else in life, leaving you feeling more confident and satisfied with life.

Develop Friendships

Playing a group sport like basketball is a great way to bond with other people. Thus, if you’re looking for new friendships in your life, joining a basketball league might be a great solution.

You’ll meet other people who enjoy the game, but many might be there for the same reasons as you. They might be there to lose weight, improve their heart health, or find a way to boost their confidence.

Playing Basketball Is Good for the Body and Mind

As you can see, playing basketball is great for your body and mind. It provides the exercise your body needs and helps you build muscle and bone strength. However, it’s also good for your mental health and confidence.

Basketball is fun and rewarding and a sport that people can play at almost any age. You can start by buying a good pair of basketball shoes and finding a league or team to join.

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