View a Facebook Profile of Anyone in a New Way

At that time almost everyone who uses the Internet will must use Facebook. If all you know about Facebook, but about the privacy settings are little known. While the uploading something on Facebook, writing or liked etc, they There is also absolutely no idea who see it. Do whatever you liked, or post on Facebook, he is in front of others for a long time. Some information on Facebook is definitely Public everyone, the information can also see those who are not your friends on Facebook. In addition, friends can also see that information, which you would not have guessed.

What things about yourself public on Facebook. It is a difficult task to rinse your Facebook account to find that. To make it easy for you, you can see the stock scan ‘website: [adsense]

With the help of this tool, you can view a list of your own and any other Facebook profile easily. You’re seeing the profile, if you have friends you can see more interesting information, for example, all images Like in the past, he checked on what places, what is playing games etc.

Facebook does not like this kind of services and are always off after some period. Because apparently it does not violate Facebook rules and regulations.