Use Your Useless USB Flash Drive As Ram To Speed Up Your PC Performance


You can speed up your PC performance by use ReadyBoost technology through useless USB flash drive. This useful option was first introduced in Microsoft Vista, and now improved into Windows 7 and windows 8. It works by storing temporary program data on the Hard disk one or more Flash drive to speed up a PC performance. USB flash drive hundred times faster than your computer hard drive.ReadyBoost-

How To Use:

1- First you put the USB flash drive in your computer.
2- Then go to “My Computer” and right click your USB flash drive icon.
3- Now select “properties” and click on the “ReadyBoost”.
4- Check “Use this device” and scale the amount of memory the computer can use for ReadyBoost.
5- For example you have 8GB USB Flash drive then reserve 4GB (4000) MB for ReadyBoost.
6- Finally click apply and then press “OK” button.[adsense]ReadyBoost_02

Above tutorial will help you to Speed Up Your PC Performance, and if you like this then post your good comments.