Top Free Learn to Read Apps for Children


Technology has a more significant impact in almost every dimension. Among the benefits of technology are educational institutions, the government, and individuals such as children. There are many applications in which children find fun, and therefore, it is crucial to establish these applications and try to adapt them to children. While technology is currently widespread and even the small kid at home has a palmtop or a laptop to use, it is essential to appreciate such by teaching them to use most of these crucial applications. Dissertation Team has compiled the following list of apps to help your kids love reading:

Relay Reader

Among the most powerful tools for your kid is Relay Reader. It is a product of the Educational Testing Service. Relay Reader helps the children to improve their reading skills. It incorporates reading into children by providing some attractive and readable passages with which the students or young learners can improve reading skills. Relay Reader ensures that each kid is up to date with literature through a skilled narrator who reads each grammatical sentence helping the children learn pronunciation. It provides the children with turns of reading and understanding the pronunciation of different words. It also has additional features that enable the users to record themselves and take multiple-choice questions to test comprehension. It is a common application on Play Store and Appstore.   

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

If you want the kids to develop a solid and reliable background in thesis writing, it is always good to learn to Read with the Tommy Turtle application. The application features several more excellent options and thesis writing requirements, which your kid will find pleasurable. With this application, children quickly learn the transformation of sounds to words. Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is also crucial in helping the learner understand critical grammatical terms and read, identify and understand the word families. The application also provides free services such as Turn the Blocks, Skateboards, etc., which give a lot of interactivity within the application. This application’s usage guarantees that the kid will learn to blend various sounds into words and transform them accordingly. Paid services are available, which are also crucial for the student. Therefore, it is vital to consider paying the advanced services to acquire more advanced services. However, such features are optional.


Initially known as Reading Rainbow, Skybrary is of great necessity for children who need to grow their reading skills. It boasts unique educational interactivity, and children can maneuver through a range of topics even without parental intervention. The application is therefore essential to the child in the absence of a guider or tutor. It is, thus, a guide itself. Among other crucial materials provided within the application are supplemental videos, reading lessons, among others. Surprisingly, most of the app’s features are free.  

Starfall Learn to Read

Many learners have enjoyed the teachings from Zac the Rat. All these are courtesy of the Starfall Learn to Read application, which at times loosely behaves like a game. Your child can easily rely on Zac, who is always there to provide knowledge to the kid. The application also features spellings and vowel sounds, which help the student develop a proper grammatical background. Through the application, the young students will develop an adequate comprehension between written and spoken words and therefore do it in a more fun and easy-to-understand way.

Sight Words

Sight Words boasts a rich background in vocabulary, and therefore, children are likely to enjoy newer English words through sound. The application’s organization is of different grades and provides an easy-to-use interface for the children. Therefore, your children can use the application even without close monitoring. Sight Words provides an interface that gives the parents and children the ability to take photos of familiar items around them. You can personalize the application to fit your desired requirements and enable good entertainment for the kids while learning necessities.    

ABC Kids

As the name suggests, you will relate the application to the alphabetical chart. It consists of phonics, which is easier for the children, and entails some brief incorporation of fun learning. ABC Kids equips the kid with proper alphabetical knowledge and serves as an excellent alternative chart for the preschoolers who can also, in the same app, collect stickers and toys as a gift for tracing letters correctly.  ABC boasts a fully-fledged and understandable interface, and therefore, any kid can always use it with ease.[adsense]


Homer is a good and reliable application for toddlers and learners in elementary schools. It is a unique application that comes with a different and promising approach to helping students learn and choose other study areas. Usually, a starter in the application gets to know more about letter and number identification. Afterward, the app user or the toddler gets to read a few collective passages to guide them through the entire learning process. One good feature about this application is integrating a couple of topics, and therefore, what a toddler needs to learn solely relies on themselves.  


Reading is a skill for everyone. It is even more critical than reading should occur at a tender age to develop a proper background for both the kid and those around them. The above applications will always be of substantial help.