5 Gift Ideas for People You Don’t Know Well


Oh, so now you are stuck with the job of finding a gift for someone you don’t know that super well. It might be the most difficult challenge you have come across till now but don’t worry we have got you covered.

It can be your new co-worker, or the person you just started dating or a friend whom you meet everyday on the route to your school or someone new who invited you to their party. Whatever it is, it’s okay to get confused at such times. After all, you really don’t know very well at this moment. You have to figure it out on your own and in our opinion, during such situations you have to stick with the basic gift items and these basic things will work in your favour only. Now think of the kind and sweet gestures you would love to get from your new colleagues, friends or relatives. For instance, imagine it’s their birthday and you are being invited then you should get an online birthday cake to stick with the agenda of giving basic things that everybody admires no matter who bought it. Let’s look at what we have collected for you to give that complete stranger in your life and that can also help you to build your new relationship with them. Check them out here.


Usually we give gift cards to the person who owns everything in their collection and you want them to choose their own gift. But this time, the case is different because gift cards are the safe gift ideas when you want to impress someone in your life you have just met a few days back. So right now, you are totally clueless about their likes and dislikes, then it’s better to treat them with something you are sure about that they will love this gift item from you. You can also get your online gift cards if you want to add more kick into it.

Drink Holder

You might not know this person very well but there are always some things we all really admire when we get it as a gift item and a drink holder is one of them. We all love to start our day with a sip of hot coffee and hot beverages keeps us going throughout the day very easily. So give them a hot drink holder that will not get their coffee to get and tasteless. This device will keep the coffee according to persons wanting temperature and help them enjoy their fresh hot beverage.


Well, it will be easier for you if you’ve known them for years but there’s no harm in it because at least you know their full name. And thus will help you to get them a personalised desk organiser with their initials engraved on it. Yes, so try to find an organiser with multiple apartments which will help the user to get their things placed in the right order. We are sure after this thoughtful gift idea they will surely admire your efforts.[adsense]

Box Of Delights

Well, who would say no to a box of delights? There is hardly a person out there who could do that because exceptions are always there. But if you are looking for something delicious then you can treat them with a box full of chocolates. To add more fun to this delicious gift you can also add candies, munchies and other all types of snacks. So that at midnight they never run out of snacks during a movie session.

Positivity Candle

A candle is a great way to spread happiness and positivity to someone’s place and you can also do so. Anyone in your list would feel delighted after receiving a set of scented or fragrant candles.

So these are some gift ideas that are suitable for that new person in your life.