Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Enrol For ACCA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a premier accounting institution that is known for its magnificent global network and comprehensive qualifications. Receiving an ACCA qualification allows you to become a member of this huge network and boost your career prospects in the financial domain.


You can stand to gain in multiple ways if you intend to enrol for ACCA course. Let’s dive into some of the top advantages of pursuing an ACCA qualification.


What are the main benefits of acquiring an accounting qualification from ACCA?

Since ACCA has its presence across 76 countries across the world, getting ACCA certified can help you build an international career in the financial domain. Additionally, you can also enjoy the following benefits.


  1. You can acquire a prestigious accounting qualification in your own time: Since ACCA has a comprehensive syllabus, you get 10 years to finish all the subject papers and modules. This gives you enough time to prepare well for your ACCA exams in addition to managing a full-time career.
  2. ACCA has a comprehensive syllabus: ACCA intends all its aspirants to become well-versed in all areas of financial management and accounting. ACCA has no less than 14 subject modules that cater to almost every aspect of financial and management accounting. In addition, pursuing an ACCA certification also allows you to learn about non-financial subjects like strategy making and ethics in business.
  3. The ACCA qualification is a cost-effective accounting certification: Pursuing an ACCA qualification is perhaps the most cost-effective way of gaining expertise in the accounting domain. You learn about the technicalities and intricacies of financial and managerial accounting. Thus, you gain complete expertise in your subject domain as an accountant.
  4. Your qualification will be recognisable across the world: ACCA has its branches across 76 countries and has more than 216,000 members across the world. Owing to its visibility, an ACCA qualification is well-recognised by thousands of employers globally.
  5. You can update yourself on international accounting standards: ACCA is known for continually updating its course curriculum as per the international accounting and auditing standards. This keeps your accounting skills relevant and makes you eligible to work in any country after receiving an ACCA qualification.

What are the career prospects after receiving an ACCA certification?

The career prospects after receiving an ACCA qualification are endless, especially in the growing and bustling financial management domain. You can opt to restrict yourself to accounting roles or venture towards financial management jobs as well.

Here are a few interesting career options that are open to ACCA graduates.

  1. Financial consultant
  2. Management accountant
  3. Bookkeeping consultant
  4. Head of bookkeeping operations
  5. Head accountant
  6. Venture capitalist
  7. Risk management consultant
  8. Company treasurer

Apart from career diversity, ACCA can also open the doors for well-paid financial management roles. The best way to crack the ACCA qualification would be to opt for a comprehensive preparatory programme from an established learning provider.

Start looking for reputed ACCA learning partners in London today to take the leap towards a successful financial career.