Is Studying Medicine In The Caribbean A Good Choice?

A career in the field of medicine will be quite different from other sectors. You will have to work hard in order to play hard. Although medical graduates enjoy privileged positions after completing the degree, making it to a medical school is no cakewalk in this competitive landscape. You will require to go through a very comprehensive admissions process to secure a seat in medical school. Besides scoring a decent GPA or MCAT score in the entrance examinations, you need to be an early bird to maximize the chances of ending the cycle with an acceptance in your hand.

In addition, getting into an American or Canadian medical school is even more challenging because of the exceeding number of applicants and low acceptance rates. Suppose you are someone who wants to gain hands-on experience, in-depth academic knowledge, and core competencies in the medical field without facing stiff competition. In that case, the Caribbean medical school is an excellent alternative for earning a medical degree. So, read on to walk through the benefits of attending a Caribbean medical school.

Pros of Caribbean medical schools

  1. Accredited medical schools

If you aim to practice medicine in US hospitals, Caribbean medical schools could be a secret to your success. However, you need to be a little careful while choosing a medical college or university in the Caribbean, like quality, accreditation, and attrition rates vary widely. In fact, medical schools in the Caribbean are broadly categorized as top-tier, mid-tier, and bottom-tier. Top-tier medical universities in the Caribbean are those you really need to consider as they have accreditation and recognition from US agencies.

  1. Tuition and fees are relatively less in the Caribbean

Affording medical education is not an easy task. The chances are high that you are going to graduate with debt. You will find several rumors on websites that Caribbean medical schools are way too expensive. However, the truth is that Caribbean medical schools are 10-20 percent more affordable than their foreign counterparts. In fact, you only need to spend USD 17,325 tuition per semester for the Basic Sciences program.

  1. Cost of living

Top-tier Caribbean medical schools offer student housing to unaccompanied first-semester students. These dormitories are well equipped with beds, closets, air conditioning, microwaves, refrigerators, chairs, and tables. Apart from this, a fully furnished 1-BHK flat outside the college’s campus costs around USD 700 per month in the Caribbean.

  1. Less competitive

Another benefit of attending Caribbean medical schools is that they are way less competitive than American or Canadian medical schools. In fact, a top-tier Caribbean medical school also helps you prepare to pass the USMLE and get certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign-Trained Medical Graduates. Thus, you will enjoy equal privileges as students in US or Canada’s medical schools.

Isn’t it an excellent alternative to US or Canadian medical schools? If yes, browse top-tier Caribbean medical schools to make a sound decision for a rewarding future. Sign up now!