Top 5 International Shopping Websites to Buy Everything Online

Buy a product in a physical store and shop allows you to see the product live and maybe even try it. But instead of running around the city and shopping centers, we can use the Internet and the many shops available online to buy products, often spending much lower amounts. All websites offer a complete overview of all products with numerous photos from every angle and even live footage. Big stores on the Internet always have maximum guarantees on reliability and punctuality in shipments as well as security in payments, without forgetting the possibility of obtaining returns and refunds. International Shopping Websites Mostly payments are made by credit card, prepaid card or by PayPal account, with the latter that can be linked to a current account or to any type of credit or debit card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro etc.). After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of buying online or live, we discover the best shops to buy online.

The best sites to buy everything online:

1- Amazon:Amazon

The first site to make an online product is certainly Amazon. Amazon guarantees shipments in a very short time with competitive prices, dedicated offers, flash offers and categories for all types of products. With Amazon Prime we can access shorter delivery times and always free offers previews and many other additional services.
For each product is available a certain number of reviews, with a star rating: the more stars a product has, the greater the reliability and the quality of the product. On Amazon you do not pay with PayPal: we must enter your credit card or prepaid card details directly into our account, so you can use it to pay for all the goods. Homepage is available here >>

2- eBay:ebay

eBay is the second best known online buying and selling site in the world. Started as an auction site for private items, in recent years, it has become a real mega store with many products to buy now, often very discounted and time offers, very useful to buy items at a discount. On eBay there are many professional sellers who work as if they were normal stores, only that the window is online.
The evaluation system offered by the site is really effective, we can immediately recognize the reliable, professional sellers thanks to coats of arms and logos provided by eBay only to honest sellers and large sales volume with lots of fast shipments and practices throughout all over the world. eBay supports PayPal and is the most effective way to pay for this platform, having included the customer protection system on any amount spent. You can access the site from here >>

3- AliExpress:Aliexpress

If you want to buy from China at the lowest prices we will have to rely on Alibaba. You can really find everything at discounted prices, but we must take into account the possibility of paying the customs for shipping combined with shipping times not very fast. Buying on AliExpress (Alibaba) in all over the world at the lowest prices. AliExpress, available here >>[adsense]

4- Etsy:Etsy

Etsy is an American website that can also be used worldwide to buy original products online that cannot be found anywhere else. Etsy is in fact the portal that allows everyone to create their own online store for free, where to sell things that have been created and produced by those who sell them. There are therefore not only professional shops but there are many local vendors, above all of handicrafts and art, unique pieces made by hand and not industrial. You can find it here >>

5- Gearbest:Gearbest

Gearbest is the site where you can buy mobile phones, tablets and other items from Chinese manufacturers, with shipments directly from China (although many stores have warehouses in Europe). You can access the site from here >>